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E.L.S Air & Ocean

E.L.S formation resulted in a vision for excellence and the demand for expert logistics solutions and services around the globe.

E.L.S has developed an international freight forwarding network compiling imports and exports by Air and Sea.

By association with overseas renowned partners and securing the dispatch of goods nationwide and in Europe, E.L.S acts on behalf of importers, exporters or other companies or persons, organizing the safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation of goodsand perquisites to motivate its partners to excel, thus ensuring the growth of our network.

E.L.S’s maxim is innovation and professionalism, it provides integrated, flexible logistics solutions that address the unique, diverse needs of our customers.

Our end-to-end supply chain management capabilities include Seafreight, Airfreight and Logistics on a global scale.

Our superior service and integrated end-to-end supply chain management solutions help our customers turn their logistics challenges into a real competitive advantage.

Our group consists of long established members, specialized in this industry sector , enabling us to gives our customers access to a total network combining local expertise with reliable & competitive services.



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